Friendly Reminder for Unifi new customer


Please note that if you have just applied for TM UniFi Fibre broadband and receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from TM offering other Internet plan without Free HyppTV and Free Cordless Dect Phone at lower price, actually they are not from TM.

They are actually agent from competitor’s company trying to hijack customer from TM UniFi.

Please be informed, that if you decided to go for competitor provider, you will miss out all the goodies of HyppTV and unlimited free calls to all TM Fixed line nationwide and cheaper call rate to all mobile telco networks. Also better High Speed Broadband (HSBB) customer support as TM are the provider of the HSBB infrastructures and not 3rd Party Licensed Provider.

Thank you.

Tips on subscribing Unifi before moving to new house or apartment

Fast and reliable internet connection is a need for todays life. Many of us depend very much on it for business purpose, lifestyle and communication needs.

If you are looking to rent a house or apartment, it is recommended to search for Unifi coverage availability before commit to rent the unit.

We received many telephone calls and enquiry about Unifi application, only after they rent the premise / house / apartment. You may feel frustrated to find out, your place is not Unifi serviceable after the rental deposit has been paid or after move in to your new place.

Feel free to contact us via contact form at OR communicate with us via Whatsapp at 018-666 1622.

You may contact us instant messaging app via Kakao Talk, LINE or Wechat at this ID : registerunifi

Where to pay Unifi Bill?


Unifi Bills should be paid promptly by the stipulated date as to avoid unnecessary interruption/disconnection. Late payment will result in temporary service disconnection and a fee of RM10.00 will be charged for reconnection for each service.



  • myUniFi –
  • Ambank –
  • CIMB –
  • Maybank –
  • Public Bank –
  • MyTM –
  • Bank Muamalat –
  • Hong Leong Bank –
  • MBF Cards –
  • RHB –
  • Alliance Bank –
  • Bank Rakyat –
  • HSBC –
  • Pos Malaysia –
  • UOB –


  • TMPoint
  • TM Authorised Dealer ( TAD )
  • POS Malaysia ( payment at POS Mini is not applicable )
  • Banks ( Ambank, Bank SImpanan Nasional, Bank Rakyat, RHB – Sabah & Sarawak Only )


  • Ambank
  • Hong Leong Bank
  • RHB
  • Bank Rakyat
  • Maybank
  • Bank Simpanan Nasional
  • Public Bank

Source : Telekom Malaysia – Unifi Bill ( pdf )

HyppTV Hypp-Normous Deal

Hypp-Normous Deal

Hypp-Normous Deal

HyppTV Hypp-Normous Deal is valid until 31st Jan 2014 31 Mac 2014 :

  • Every Unifi VIP 5 package new customer will get HyppFlicks for FREE. HyypFlicks offer more than 75 Hollywood Blockbuster Movies every single day for great entertainment. ( HyppTV – Channel 811 )
  • Get HyppTV Everywhere for FREE, which enable you to watch HyppTV channel on you mobile or tablet. ( 2 mobile devices ). Watch it on Android mobile or Apple Mobile.
  • Unifi VIP 10 or VIP 20 can get either HyppTV MegaPack or HyppTV SportPack for FREE.Download More Details : HyppTV Hypp-Normous Deal Pamphlet

Daftar Unifi Percuma, Tanpa Deposit dan Pemasangan Percuma

Daftar Unifi untuk kediaman dan perniagaan anda. ( TIDAK PERLU TALIAN TELEFON SEDIA ADA UNTUK MOHON UNIFI )

Bosan dengan internet connection yang lembab dan kuota download terhad? Anda seharusnya beralih kepada Unifi fibre broadband yang ditawarkan oleh Telekom Malaysia.

Unifi menggunakan teknologi gentian optik untuk penghantaran data dan maklumat. Ianya berkelajuan sangat tinggi, iaitu bermula daripada 5Mbps ( VIP 5 pada harga RM149 setiap bulan ) hinggalah ke 20Mbps.

Teknologi Unifi dapatkan menyediakan perkhidmatan 3 dalam 1. Iaitu capaian internet berkelajuan tinggi, HyppTV ( online TV ) dan talian telefon.

Untuk memahami kelajuan Unifi dan masa yang diperlukan untuk download file :

Saiz Fail 5Mbps ( VIP 5 ) 10Mbps ( VIP 10 ) 20Mbps ( VIP 20 )
400MB 10 min 40 saat 5 minit 20 saat 2 minit 50 saat
1.5GB 25 minit 12 minit 30 saat 6 minit 15 saat
4.5GB 2 Jam 1 Jam 30 Minit

unifi home package

Setiap pelanggan Unifi kami akan mendapat : ( Kediaman )

  1. Pemasangan Unifi Percuma Bernilai RM 200.
  2. Peralatan Unifi ( HyppTV, Telefon, Wifi Router, BTU ) bernilai RM 1097
  3. Penggunaan Internet Tanpa Had.
  4. Panggilan Telefon ke Talian Tetap TM ke seluruh negara secara Percuma dan Tanpa Had.
  5. Pemasangan dalam masa singkat. Bergantung kepada kekosongan slot di kawasan anda.

Hubungi kami melalui Whatsapp di 018-666 1622, untuk mengetahui Unifi coverage di kawasan anda.

NOTA : Dengan Unifi, anda tidak perlu bimbang kecurian cable telefon lagi. Ini kerana Unifi menggunakan cable gentian kaca, ianya tiada nilai jualan semula yang diinginkan oleh pencuri. Maka, ianya berita baik untuk anda!

Unifi Speedtest and review by Unifi Subscribers

Unifi come with unlimited upload and download quota ( until further notice ) and stable connection. Unifi home package speed range from 5Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps. Every packages bundled together with HyppTV and Dect Phone as well.

Not satisfied with current broadband provider? Then you should watch these Unifi speed done by Unifi subscribers themselve :

Unifi VIP5 – SpeedTest Youtube (Download)

TM Unifi (aka HSBB) VIP5 speed test.

UniFi VIP5 SpeedTest and Download Speed


Malaysia’s UniFi 20Mbps – Speedtest

My UniFi Review : Hi there, thanks for watching ! I was bored today, so I decided to do this little video about Unifi.


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Tm Unifi Fibre Broadband‘s insight:

Telekom Malaysia Berhad going stronger and stronger!

See on

TM revenue on first 6 month of 2013

The update on TM revenue on first 6 month of 2013 :

TM reports revenue increase as UniFi customer numbers continue to Fri, 30 Aug 2013 12:00:00 GMT


With the telco saying that the increase had been driven by growth of its key products, it pointed to its fibre-based UniFi services in particular. To that end, TM noted that the number of customers signed up to UniFi at end-June 

Unifi problem – Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.

This is a quick guide to solve “Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address” problem when connect to internet using Unifi Fibre broadband.

Sometimes this happen and this scenario will make our browsing interrupted.

Follow these steps :

Window 7

  1. Click START and go to Control Panel.
  2. In Network and Internet, click on View network status and tasks.

unifi dns error 1

View network status and tasks

At the left side menu, click on Change adapter settings.

unifi dns error 2

Change adapter settings

Right click on Local Area Connection (the one you currently use) and click on Properties.

unifi dns error 3

Right click > Properties

In Networking tab, double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

unifi dns error 4

Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

In Use the following DNS server addresses, change the Streamyx/Unifi DNS to Google DNS and click OK.

unifi dns error 5

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

Disable network adapter by right click on the Local Area Connection and click Disable.

unifi dns error 6

Local Area Connection > click Disable

Right click on Local Area Connection again and this time choose Enable.

unifi dns error 7

Local Area Connection > Enable

For Wifi, just change the DNS in Wireless Properties. You also can do this inside your modem/router settings.

This guide is provide by:

Promosi Pendaftaran UniFi untuk bulan Mac 2013

Promosi Unifi Terkini.

Kami menawarkan pengecualian yuran langganan bulan pertama untuk setiap pendaftaran baru UniFi dan Streamyx.

Promosi ini terbuka kepada pelanggan di rumah dan perniagaan.

Sebagai contoh, sekiranya anda melanggan pakej UniFi RM 149/bulan, maka anda layak mendapat pengecualian RM 149 untuk bulan pertama.

Tempoh tawaran ini hanya dibuka sehingga 31 Mac 2013 sahaja.

Setiap pendaftaran mestilah dihantar kepada kami melalui borang online di :

Unifi untuk Kediaman :
Unifi untuk Perniagaan :

Pendaftaran mestilah dihantar sebelum 31 Mac 2013.

Terima kasih.